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How is a copy according to the law to be understood?

13-08-2021 - 02:52

Theo khoản 6 Điều 2 Nghị định 23/2015/NĐ-CP, bản sao là bản chụp từ bản chính hoặc bản đánh máy có nội dung đầy đủ, chính xác như nội dung ghi trong sổ...

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When is the business responsible for canceling an invoice?

13-08-2021 - 02:51

Invoice cancellation cases. – Invoices that are incorrectly printed, duplicated, or overprinted must be canceled before liquidating the invoice printing...

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Is the use of domain names with the same trademark registered as unfair competition?

13-08-2021 - 02:50

Recently, INHACO received a request from a customer with the content "Is it unfair to use the same registered trademark domain name?" In this regard, we would...

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Supplementing regulations on tax incentives for investment projects producing products prioritized for development

30-07-2021 - 19:09

The Government promulgates Decree 57/2021/ND-CP supplementing point g, Clause 2, Article 20 of Decree No. 218/2013/ND-CP (amended and supplemented in Decree...

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Some protection measures for startup ideas

13-08-2021 - 02:47

INHACO Law Firm Limited is pleased to cooperate with Business Forum Magazine - the permanent organizer of the National Startup Program in a discussion about...

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